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You dont know what your future plans are. You could go back to the place you were living at, or you could go somewhere else. Wherever you go, youre just a stranger and nobody is going to give you help or anything. You dont have any money, and you dont want to go back to where you came from. You think about the place you used to go to, you think about what was there and you think about the world you know now. This is your first day and youve worked hard all your life for the opportunity to be here. You leave the planet Earth You say Im leaving. Suddenly a door opens and you see a man with strange glasses come in, but the city keeps its place in front of you, it doesnt move. While youre walking, you get a phone call, and you pick it up. Yes, but Im not answering the call. Im a free spirit now and Ill always feel this way. Heres some food for thought, I dont know what youre thinking right now, but thats not the way it works for me. You walk into the room and a lot of the workers are looking at you wondering who you are. The others try to get you a drink, but you ignore them. Youre looking around, at every object, looking for some clue. Then you find the only clue you need. Theres a bottle on the table, some ice inside. The ice on the other hand, is white, a normal color you normally associate with water. Then you take a deep breath and look at the workers. You try and figure out who you areWhere am I.

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