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T more famous for something other than a giant hole in the ground. New York is also a major international city which means that it has a huge supply of the worst kinds of music, movies, television shows, and books. S why so many people here love to read. In between telling you more of her day, Helen goes on to complain about having to deal with people in the office and goes on to rant about how boring the place is. She is a pretty upbeat person and seems to like complaining more than actually doing anything. Eventually she eventually closes up the door and is about to doze off, but you stop her. S time that I went see what the city has to offer. When you dragged me to see your room and started giving me a lap dance. S very late, but you also know that you should get her out of here. Re already on your third lover in a year. M really looking forward to our first anniversary next month. You know I just kicked all my boyfriends out. M coming here to meet some really interesting people. S true what they say about second chances. You might not have a second chance with me. However, you ARE going to have a chance with another woman.

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