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The only con is that theyre pretty sheer, and I had to use a couple of layers to actually make a noticeable difference. The Maskoo Mask Cleanser Moisturizer are what I feel are the three most important products that should be at any skincare routine. No skincare product, face product, serum, or even cream will work unless they are accompanied by a skincare product or face product of a similar level. The Maskoo Mask Cleanser Moisturizer is simply incredible when used correctly. I will say, however, if youre starting out with an exfoliate skincare routine, I wouldnt start with these, and instead start with the Face and Eye Cleanser. They are just too effective as exfoliants to leave without first using an exfoliator or face product. If youre wondering what this mask smells of, it smells like a mix of bubble gum and alcohol. It doesnt do much to brighten your skin, but it does smell pretty nice. The mask itself is actually pretty thick, so I wouldnt suggest leaving it on your face for more than 10 or 15 minutes. I would recommend leaving it on for at most ten minutes, and then peeling it off. It comes off in little pieces and youd be surprised what you can actually get out of this mask if you use even a small amount of product. If your skin is particularly sensitive, you may wish to reduce the amount of mask you use. Its fine, it really isnt going to be harmful, but you may not like the results. I wouldnt suggest lowering the dosage as you could go to a point where your skin will never be the same again. Overall, the Maskoo Mask is a pretty decent mask, but it isnt amazing. Its not terrible, but it isnt something Im going to re-purchase either. The most important thing to remember in the face skincare world is that you should always use a product that you can really afford to waste money on. 2 and your wallet is empty, then you should not spend time, energy or money on it. I recommend you buy masks if you can, but dont spend your money on high priced face products that may not even do ANYTHING for you. Im not saying you shouldnt spend money on masks, when you cant find the exact thing youre looking for, or if you have a limited budget and you just.

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