Gemma comes to blows with Ekin-Su on Love Island

Love Island 2022 DAY 14 LIVE: ‘I think you’re calculating’ Gemma comes to blows with Ekin-Su as the girls accuse her of game-playing… while the other islanders watch the drama unfold

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While the nation held it’s breath to see which boy and girl received the least amount of votes – viewers will have to wait another 23 hours to find out who received he least amount of heading home back to the UK.


Amber, Tasha and Ekin-Su have all received the lowest number of votes and face being dumped from the island. 

Andrew, Ikenna and Jay have all received the lowest number of votes and face being dumped from the island. 

Dami is making some serious moves tonight as he tells Indiyah he wants her to be in his bed with her!


Yes, yes, yes! 

It’s the moment we have been waiting for. Jaques finally kisses Paige as the pair enjoyed a romantic moment around the fire pit. 

Danica tells Davide that she thinks he’s the best looking guy in the villa. 

The dancer isn’t shy about expressing an interest telling the Italian hunk that he caught her eye as soon as she walked in. 

A confident Jaques is in for the kill tonight as he finally tells the boys he’s gonna chance a kiss with Paige.

The rugby player couldn’t help himself telling the guys she was ‘smitten’ with him!



A shock to the whole villa – it was actually Danica and Luca who won the intimate challenge.

However, the fishmongers love interest Gemma wasn’t too impressed. 

A bad loser or a tad jealous? 


Their relationship has taken a few days to get off the ground, however Paige and Jaques seem to be getting closer as they enjoy a flirt on one of the bean bags.

Could tonight be the night they lock lips?

As Paige and Jaques shower together after the challenge – Gemma sees them in the distance and says they ‘look cute together’.





Tasha says that she really enjoyed the sloppy challenge adding that it brought her and Andrew closer together.


When it comes to break-ups, Indiyah and Ikenna’s one most have been one of the smoothest ever. 

With not a cross word between the two of them – the pair ended their courtship amicably. 


Dami tells Andrew he is not ‘feeling it’ with Amber and gets buzzed up when speaking with Indiyah. 

Surely Indiyah and Dami will get to crack on before the end of this episode after all these chats…that’s if they’re not voted off! 


Ekin-Su apologies and says she was out of order for commenting on Amber’s relationship with Dami and thanks her for calling her out.

Amber says they now have a better understanding of each other.

Well that was the shortest tiff ever! 

Gemma then chimes in and tells Ekin-Su she thinks she is ‘calculating and knows what she is doing.;

Amber then rolls her eyes while Ekin-Su snaps back unimpressed! 



Ekin-Su then calls Amber for a chat telling her that Jay thinks that she didn’t like her. 

Amber confronted Ekin-Su and admitted that she sometimes thinks she is playing a game and has questioned how she has been acting the last few days. 

An angry Ekin-Su tells her she has ‘p***ed her off’. 


It’s like musical chairs tonight as Indiyah pulls Dami for a chat and says she feels they have been coasting.

Irish charmer Dami asks if there is a connection and asks her does she want to explore their relationship further with Indiyah telling him that she enjoys their ‘flanter’. 


So much drama in such little time. 

Ekin-Su says she thinks none of the girls are ‘genuine’ and she is puzzled by them.

In a private chat with Jay, the straight forward Scotsman old her he thinks Amber and Paige didn’t like her.

The couple are only together a few hours and he’s really gone for it. 

It’s all very deep this evening as Indiyah then pulls Ikenna for a chat telling him she feels they are losing their spark. 

He confides in Dami whereas Indiyah tells the girls there is no romance between them. 

Meanwhile, Ikenna is confiding in Dami – things are getting a little awkward! 


We’re only two minutes in and Amber has pulled Dami for a chat asking him if she thinks he’s controlling following a tiff with Ekin-Su. 

She then snaps at Dami, where the Irish microbiologist saying he’s trying to take one step at a time. 

Is this the start of the end for the couple? 

Ekin-Su looks ready for drama…who’s excited?!

Indiyah Polack finally has a heart to heart with Ikenna Ekwonna, with the pair admitting they have little romantic connection despite being coupled up for two weeks.

Later, Dami Hope decides to pull Indiyah for a chat, giving the flirty pair a chance to admit their feelings for one another once and for all.

As Indiyah continues to grapple with her feelings for Ikenna she is keen to gain clarity, pulling him for a chat she says: ‘I wanted to catch up with you and just have an open and honest conversation about how you actually think we are?’

As Indiyah continues to grapple with her feelings for Ikenna she is keen to gain clarity, pulling him for a chat she says: ‘I wanted to catch up with you and just have an open and honest conversation about how you actually think we are?’

Ikenna questions: ‘So you feel like there’s something missing?’ to which Indiyah answers: ‘Yeah, but I don’t know if you feel the same way?’

Ikenna goes on to tell Indiyah that he’s noticed her feelings towards his pal Dami, pointing out: ‘Do you know what I’ve noticed as well that you and Dami get on.’

Dami, who has been coupled up with Amber Beckford, for two weeks, later pulls Indiyah for a chat and asks her outright: ‘Do you feel like we have a connection?’

Could there be a brand new couple on the cards after tonight?

Tensions are set to run high in Monday night’s episode as things kick off between Gemma Owen, 19, and Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu, 27.

As Ekin-Su is accused of ‘being a game-player’ by Amber Beckford, Gemma agrees with her and declares the girls are ‘speaking up now’.

The argument appears to come to blows, as the other girls sit and watch the drama unfold.

Amber accuses Ekin-Su of game-playing, to which the latter responds: ‘You’re trying to create s**t right now, it’s *p**sing me off now’.

Gunning for Amber, the actress continued: ‘Yeah, cause you’re really secure in your relationship. You’re attacking my personality saying I’m playing so of course I’m gonna say something back to you.’

Gemma chimes in to defend Amber, quipping: ‘It’s unfair to just blame it completely on Amber because I think some of the other girls have seen a little bit of a difference as well.’

Ekin-Su was unimpressed with Gemma’s comments, asking: ‘Why didn’t you speak up then?’, to which Gemma replied: ‘We’re speaking up now,’ with a stoney-faced look.

The other girls sat in silence as they watched on, with Tasha Ghouri seemingly in agreement with pal Gemma.


While we are all eagerly awaiting the next episode, let’s take a look back at the last. 

On Sunday’s action-packed show, Love Island’s latest bombshell Danica Taylor coupled up with Luca Bish in the dramatic show opening that saw Remi Lambert dumped from the villa on Sunday.

Danica certainly ruffled feathers during the recoupling as she chose to pair up with the ‘gutted’ fish monger, sending his relationship with Gemma Owen to the rocks.

The shock decision saw Gemma forced to take back her day one partner, Davide Sanclimenti as single Remi was forced to pack his suitcase after all the other couples were confirmed. 

Speaking ahead of her choice, Danica told them she had ‘to go with heart’, despite not even being in the villa 24 hours. 

‘I can kind of only go on what I can see at face value and somebody who I feel like is usually my type. I need to explore that unfortunately so I’m going to have to follow my heart on this one. The boy that I want to couple up with is Luca.’

Luca could be seen with his head in his hands, later telling Gemma: ‘I want you, that is it and I don’t care.’

Before he jokingly added: ‘It just means you have something good if a new girl comes in and picks me doesn’t it.’ 

Meanwhile, back in London Remi appeared on After Sun to update viewers on his journey, he explained  ‘I’m a bit disappointed – I wish I could stay longer to get to know Indiyah and Danica mostly. At the same time, I feel like it was my time to leave. I was getting mixed signals and I wasn’t getting a clear answer from the girls.

He revealed that he was initially attracted to Paige before admitted that Indiyah caught his eye.

Tonight’s shocking twist will see two more islanders join the model back in the UK. 

Who will they be? 

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