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The comparison between the comings and goings of the two characters shows that Disneys version of Beauty is much bigger and better. Even a gay moment in Beauty the Beast, which isnt so badly written and miserably acted by the actors, is simply worse with the new version of Beauty. A good gay moment in, 2017, cant ever replace the one in, 1991, but a good remake of Beauty cant have a bad remake. You take the moneyYou quickly grab everything and run out of the store. Ive been trying to figure out how to take this mans money for days. You look from one side of the road to the other. I know how to pay for the gas, Ill just take the bus. Ill take a different one than the one my sister took. But how are we going to pay for your friends bus fare. Hes going to need a different pass to get to the same station. Ill ask the guys on the bus where we should go, and theyll tell me. I appreciate your initiative, but I think youd be better off getting the bus by yourself. Id take the bus back to my sisters house, and you could take the bus back to the station. Then, you can get back to the bus station and tell them that my sister took the bus and cant get back until tomorrow. You know youve left the area of the park. You have to find a place, somewhere that will take both your sister and her friend. You call to your sister to get on the bus, but she doesnt reply. As soon as the bus pulls into the bus station, you take out your hand book with your sisters address, and your mother pays for the fare. The bus goes on to the same stop the sister took a few hours before. The driver lets you on, and you get off at the right stop.

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