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As an aside, the film was not a flop at the box office. It even won a lot of awards in its weekend run. You watch Beauty and the BeastYou decide to watch Beauty and the Beast. You know, the film just came out. The whole day after the premiere you are thinking about everything that happened this year. You think about how you have been able to make your life better in general. You also think about all the people in your life who have supported you and tried to be your friend. And, you think about the people who have treated you poorly. Your mother, your step-father, the press, your other sisters, everyone. They make you feel so bad about yourself. You realize how you have a lot to learn, especially about people. That you have been so judgmental so early in your life. You know you have a lot to do better. So you wake up the next day and decide to make the change in your life. You are in your room, which you have rented out for the night. You have to move to a new one, but you are still tired. The first thing you do after getting out of bed is to look for a movie you have seen that you thought was interesting, and which did not involve any fighting. You remember the one about young men who can make themselves invisible. You open your room and look for your invisible friend and find him not, but he is hiding in the bathroom just outside the room. You are sure he will be there when you decide to get your room ready. You see that the bathroom door is open, but you have not the slightest idea where the ghost could be. So you will have to find out at some point. You wait outside the bathroomYou wait out by the bathroom door, not knowing how to behave. You take out the invisible friend you had spoken of a moment ago, while you think about how to behave, a noise comes from the living room. You immediately run in there and see you have no one to play with. You look around the living room and there is a ghost. It is the ghost of your mother sitting in the chair you had used earlier. She is so scared that you could tell she has seen something and is in a state of shock. The ghost of your mother sits in the chair You tell her about the ghostYou rush to your mother and tell her about the ghost you saw in your room. She tries to comfort you, but your mother was a very unhappy girl. She was a drug addict who tried to commit suicide every time she fell down the stairs.

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