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I think you need to choose something more appropriate, For you, You choose a cute picture of a blue butterfly with some hearts. You chose Butterfly And so you chose the butterfly. Next Page You have chosen: The Day Of My Death You wake up from your coma. You look around the room and try to remember what happened to you. After you have a full memory and you find yourself, You must look around for the thing you were carrying for a long time. When you have found one, You must look for something else. You must find a way to go back to the hotel room. You must not take anything else with you. You must try harder to go back in time. You enter the room and you see a young couple with two chubby girls. There is something on the table in front of the young couple. You are going to take some pills, you must take some pills. You take some pills and you see a man. You have taken some pills and you remember your real age. You have to go back to the moment when you were in the hospital. You are Going to Take Whats On The Table You remember the hospital when it felt so warm and so full of blood. You remember a girl inside of there, and you remember a beautiful room, But you remember very quickly that the girl died and there is nothing inside there, A huge hole in the floor. You look around, when you see a beautiful girl in a fancy dress. You take the bottle, which you remember the person was wearing. You have to try harder to go back in time. You have to look for the thing you had to take with you into the club. When you had to leave the hotel room, You had to try to find the way to the nightclub. The nightclub is somewhere behind the club, You have to find some other thing, You remember that the girl and.

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