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T find a more capable and dedicated body of black-ops experts on the planet. S voice echoes in your head, as you stand on the rooftop of a ruined skyscraper, firing a sniper rifle at the group of robed demons that have emerged from the dark alleyways in order to ambush you. We use demons because we find that they are one of the least trouble, and most reliable soldiers that we have. Morgan continues, his voice now accompanied by the crackling of fire magic. Ve got a whole town in the hands of their kind. You add, in a tone so cold it feels almost cruel. Ve probably just unleashed a horde of them upon us, or it was more likely the fact that they were probably sent to do it. You ignore the remark, you look over the rooftops, at the group of demons. The demons start appearing, a few at a time, coming out of the alleyways. More smoke begins billowing from the buildings as they get lit, casting shadows across their silhouettes. You quickly switch your rifle to automatic, pumping a burst of bullets into several of them. The demons start approaching, a horde of hell spawn. You see one coming, almost immediately, it fires a flaming arrow at you. You dodge, as fireballs explode in your face. You shout, pulling the trigger of your gun. The bullet hits the arrow and the creature falls dead. You aim higher, firing a burst of bullets at one, and manage to drop it. You hold up your hand, silencing the creatures before them. Re not doing any of this in broad daylight. You stand up, brushing the dust off your armor, before looking over your men as they also get dressed. Ve gone and done a poor job of convincing their officers about it. Morgan strides over to stand next to you. Well boys, what would be more satisfying, being promoted to sergeant for your efforts, or being given a promotion to the top of your jobs to prove your worth.

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