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You dont listen to the singer Its just one guy, or girl, I suppose Theyre only singing their hearts out for the camera. I didnt have to go to this party, I couldve stayed home and watched TV. I was going to go to this party without a boyfriend since I was planning on taking a girl out later that night. I cant even go to a party anymore without worrying about my heart beating so hard due to the alcohol Im consuming. Its almost like they want me to like just give in and go. You go to the singers party to give yourself a chance at a normal life This is just wrong. Even I cant go to a party by myself any more. You have to help me in my time of need. I mean you are my best friend, and so helpful in times of trouble I know you can be. Im just in a big mess in my life right now, and I dont want to deal with it any longer. Youre my best friend, but I just really need something good to happen to me again. Steven hesitates and looks at you with a mixture of sadness and confusion, before he finally says Okay. Your tears and sobs of pain and tears of joy all run together. I am trying to update my old blogspot. It has all the same functionality but I am trying to migrate to this new system so I do not have to keep refreshing the page. In the past, I have setup some basic MySQL tables and uploaded all the blog articles to these tables. Unfortunately, when I try to upload a new article, it says the file is not found. I can either try a different file from the archive, but I am not sure if that works. Maybe I am just doing something wrong, but I have tried everything I can think of. As some of the posts are very long, I would rather not be downloading that huge archive if there is no possibility of being able to read the posts on there. Thank you for any help you can give me.

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