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Potatopickle -27 points 1 hour ago seriously, what is sodium laurysulfate methyl, paraben. You know how all of those hair gels are silicone free. Its my favorite hair gel and its made by a popular hair brand. Are you a certified hair guru that can tell me that this horrible hair gel is the result of the hair being chemically treated to do this horrible, awful thing. S sodium lauryl sulfate, a common salt used as a surfactant which means it helps to form a thin film on the surface of the skin, for example, the surface of your face. There are many reasons to use Sodium lauryl sulfate. The website continues, and continues to explain the bad things and then explains why they are good. S shine, make it less greasy and cause less break-down of products. Why does this website want to make me feel bad about using shampoo. Sodium lauryl sulfate can be added to foods to prevent acne. By keeping your hair healthy, it can also reduce the risk of acne by drying it out. It goes on to explain further how to use the stuff on your head. Sodium lauryl sulfate is considered a good preservative. S not as harmful as things like formaldehyde, there is concern about it possibly harming the brain. And if you ever feel drowsy, you may have a stroke. You take the long waySo much bad information. How can all this bad information possibly be balanced by good information. So you can wash your hair.

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