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You say and then start to write down the digits of the number on paper you bring. You are not a terroristYou think youre pretty safe. You start to get up from your chair and write down the information on the card. You feel the cold metal beneath you and take a breath, and quickly write the number on the card. Youre not sure if you want to tell her or not, but you do. You wait a while while she figures everything out with you and you finally start explaining everything about the room. Please just tell me where the escape room is. Im going to give you a few minutes. Im just going to come back and take you there myself. Just do what I say and Ill send someone after you. I cant let you die in there like a worm in a can. If you dont know the escape rooms location by now, youre nothing but a worm at his natural habitat. The girl hangs up and youre left staring at the phone. You start to get angry again and you throw your arms up and wave your hands, but the words just fade from your head. You fall into a deep sense of depression. You go home and fall into sleep.

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