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Answered by: ryan wendell Date: Sat 6:21 pm Subject: Re: What is your ethnicity. Hi Ryan,I am a black female celebrity, and have been featured on the covers of magazines, and have been profiled in numerous newspapers and magazines. You take a deep breath, and take a deep breath, before speaking. You look up at her, and say,I know. S just going to go over that one place, You are silent.

Re the two best things that have happened to you in your life. A group of prominent African American clergy are criticizing President Barack Obama for not attending the funeral of a slain police officer. William Barber II, president of the North Carolina NAACP, said that while he respects the position of the president, he doesnt have to support his decisions. Id like to know why the president of the United States has chosen not to show up for the funeral of police officers who were murdered in the line of duty, he declared in a statement. The president of the United States should show the same respect and patriotism for those who serve and the law that he shows for our nation and our flag. Barbers comments come after the president and Vice President Joseph Biden were both criticized for not attending the funeral. In fact, Biden has yet to attend even the funerals of fallen soldiers. Barber and other black clergy leaders also cited a report from the Coalition for Black Arts and Culture, which showed that Obama has not attended a funeral of a black entertainer since 2009. To have a president who has not attended any African-American entertainers funeral is disappointing to many, both historically and now, Barber said. Is his or her solemn obligation to the nation in which he or she serves. Obama was criticized again this week after he went on a campaign stop in Virginia to tout the Affordable Care Act during a memorial for victims of the recent shooting deaths. I know those who criticized me for missing the moment of remembrance didnt see it that way, Obama told an audience in Sterling. EScarry, on TwitterHave a tip we should know.

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