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Best for concealer: Kohls, Real Techniques sponge. Best, Best for Makeup, Blush, Blender, Natural Smoothing, Kohl, Real Techniques Sponges. The selection of sponge blenders is still limited to just one type: Real Techniques. The original Beauty Sponge is one of the most popular sponge that was made for beauty purposes. It was so popular that it is now hard to find and expensive. While you may consider it only good for blotting up makeup, the fact is, it will also work as a makeup sponge, and the reason why it has a rating of 3 is because the sponge has the best beauty rating of the six types. You use this Beauty Sponge for blushingThe Beauty Sponge is a good choice for blushing. It is rated 4, and you may consider it good for all purposes of blush. It is hard to find, but you might find it in the Beauty Category. You could go to the Beauty Category to look for it. You hope that Kohls will have this beauty sponge for sale. You will spend this money on other beauty items on the store. You waitYou are waiting for the delivery man, or possibly the delivery woman. Either way, you will have to pay when you get it. You will pay right now since you dont have too much time. You wait a littleAfter waiting a little, you will get home soon after that. You will still have to find out how the delivery man knows when you have to pay, but you just have to wait for your package. You will have to find out his name, but you will find out soon. You are so excited to get the Beauty Sponge. You open the door and open the package and get inside the package as quickly as possible.

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