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You are born during Sagit terra You: So, Jamie, you a big outdoors kinda guy, what kinda hobbies are you into. My mommy taught me how to shoot an arrow when I was in the jungle. And I was a big fan of the outdoors, but I was probably a little too young to be doing. You:, scoffs, Just because you havent done the typical boy stuff doesnt mean youre an outhouse dweller; you probably do other things outside the box. Okay, if youre going to do the adult shit. Youre going to have to make up your mind what youre going to do. Theres not going to be any more time to be thinking about it. You: I dont want to do the adult shit. If my mommy and daddy are going to put me in the basement, Im not going to be sitting on the fucking couch. Jamie: Oh, Jamie, Jamie, you know what to do, right. Youre a very talented rapper, and in fact you probably made it to where you are today by your own merit. Youre just going to sit here and listen to a rapper with a fake name. Okay, well whatever you say, Jamie. Jamie: Well, what kind of song are you into. Jamie: What kind of songs what kind of genres, you know what I mean. What kind of music do you like to listen to. I dont have a favorite genre of music, to tell you the truth. Well, then your first genre would have to be something thats in the jazz genre, so we can put a jazz station in here. You: Wow, thats pretty damn cool. Jamie:, sigh, Alright, okay, just stick with that one. Jamie: Now, were getting a little long in the tooth here so we might as well get you out of this trailer and into your own personal area. Jamie: Alright, let me take these, Ive got something for you. Now, now, stop wasting my time and my boyfriends time with all of this nonsense.

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