From Mike Tyson to Roseanne Barr, many celebrities have shown their support …

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I was just wondering exactly who is supporting who on the celebrity list. Id also like to know the names of the celebrities that may be endorsing one candidate over another. I feel like I should know since Im one of those names. You open your e-mail account and wait for a few minutes while you type in your name, adding your e-mail address when you feel its safe. You sit and wait anxiously as you wait for the email to arrive. You suddenly get excited as you start checking off each item on the list. Your excitement is cut short when you see that the list hasnt been updated in several days, and theres no new celebrity names to support Donald Trump. You sigh in disappointment, and you realize how much this is going to cost you. As you slowly get to the bottom of the list, you look at the last item and realize that there has been no new celebrity support added. You sigh and sigh before you realize that youre at that moment writing out the list on the table, which has the list of names you were checking off. You say, as you look at the words as the list fills your head. You begin to tear up, thinking back to all that was said on the campaign trail and in those final speeches, you were so proud of them all. You begin to cry as you write out your new list, making sure to include the names of everyone you like the most. You sigh and think about how you feel the greatest when youre listening to your favorite music, or when you watch a video of your favorite celebrities together. You sigh deeply as you finish writing out the list, but you dont care anymore and you just want to sleep, though you know that will have to wait for another day. You head to the bus stop in hopes of taking a different bus than the one that took you to the convention center. You notice that there are many buses at the bus station and it will be nice to get home. As youre getting ready to leave, you hear a couple males talking loudly on their cell phones. What the fuck are those people doing out in the open like that. He motions toward the other male and female, the first male wearing just a baseball cap and the second wearing a tank.

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