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But they dont get headaches by drinking. Instead, they get by it by doing things they always wanted to do. The next day, you wake up late and you know instantly you need to get up early to make it to the gym so you hurry to the car. As you turn the key in the car, you think about how this feels so much like the previous times you had left early and had just slept in, and you think Well. You day in the carAs you drive to your friends house, something is definitely different. If you were to just drive to your friends house every day like you had done the last few times, youd be so lazy you wouldnt make any progress at all. Its like your brain is telling you to do something else, and youre trying to ignore it. As you get to the house, you can see your immediate neighbors are on their property, drinking hard, which immediately makes you feel less comfortable since you have to go out and the thought of drinking means you wont be able to focus or get any work done. You inside your houseAs you walk into your house, you can see your immediate neighbors are on their property. You just left earlier and the rest of your housemates are out partying, which means your housemates are out too. Your coworkers work all day and youre just going to leave now. You take a deep breath and take a deep breath. Youre in your bathroom, where youve been trying to focus on something for hours, and youre right back to it. You continue to think about your job, trying to make it real. As you come back to reality, you take a deep breath and take a deep breath. You daydreaming in the carYoure in the backseat of your moms car; its an older model, but it gets the job done. Your job, your life and your future. Your mom has her hands down her pants, and its obvious she hasnt been concentrating on anything lately.

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