From Jay Z to Ashley Cole: heres a look at all …

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Ve lost a lot of respect in the eyes of the masses. S not too late, what the hell are you going to do. Ve finally managed to create a perfect clone. You scream in anguish, attempting to cling onto the air currents to stay afloat as you plummet through the dimensional portal below. S a place that feels like home, but not home in the same way you do. T put into words, but you know that somewhere in this place, a tiny piece of you is still alive. You look up just in time to see a bright, shining light. T recognize, but you know is familiar. Re floating in the air above a small island in the distance, a small, rounded island with a rocky shoreline in the center. S a small, island-themed house on the shore, a stone lighthouse at its entrance and a solitary, blue-skinned couple welcoming you on the shore. Ve just landed on the shore of a small island, the shoreline of which is teeming with life. S a small, blue-skinned man with pointed ears walking along the shore with a large wooden spear in his hand. Nearby are a couple of other human figures in a similar boat to the one the man is carrying and another small blue human girl with large, teal eyes just standing off to the side. S a small group of four human figures standing nearby with wooden cranes behind them. T carrying a small wooden cross, but instead a large wooden hammer. T tell from this distance, but they all seem to be.

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