From Christina Hendricks to Kim Kardashian, and from Jessica Simpson to Katy Perry, …

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Thats it, you cant take it anymore, you cant just sit here in your basement, not after so much effort you just spent. S left is just getting the hell out of here. So you take an old rusted ladder and begin your climb up to the roof. Re going to do with yourself now, but you take a deep breath and step into the light. Re going to tell the people down here about what happened. You could always take them up on it. Ll have the satisfaction of watching them laugh at you. Re not necessarily feeling better as well. Re going to do when you get back home. She might not take you back any better than she took you here, especially since she was the one who took you in in the first place. T really in a position to do that now, you are going to be the one to take care of her for the foreseeable future. Re going to take out some of your old family pictures. You can then explain to her what you saw.

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