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You join the listYou do what you did with the list of black Republicans and you join the list of black Republicans, but this one is more of a list of black Democrats. The list is limited to only those who have worked in a direct professional capacity. You search the Internet to check if you are missing some black conservative, to which you do not find anything of black conservatives that have worked in a direct role but you do find a few quotes that are mostly referring to Republicans or Democrats since it is politically correct to talk about Democrats more than it is talking about Republicans. You start reading the most recent list of black Democrats that are active on Twitter, and what you discover is a huge list, so huge that you are not able to read all of the comments by the Twitter users. You are not even going to try to read the rest of the comments on any of these people. What really bothers you is that the list is not very comprehensive and even if there was a full-scale racist list, there certainly is not enough time to read all of them. What is more worrying is that you find that you cant access certain Twitter accounts. You cant even log in to some of them. You spend a few more minutes at the computer trying to figure out how to access the other accounts in the list, but all you can tell you is that certain names on the Twitter list are a lot more popular than others. You also figure that maybe some of these Twitter accounts are private and you wont have to share your Twitter password to anyone. You log in and see what Twitter has to offer: a list of a hundred black Republican and conservative politicians. You read the first few names and then decide to avoid the rest of the names on it and move on. Then, you decide to try the list of black Democrats and some of them catch your eye; you cant resist reading what they have to say.

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