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The top-paid actresses are a few million dollars more than the top-paid film stars. This is a ranking of the worlds highest paid film stars and actresses of 2014. This list is based on 2014 data of how much film stars earned in various roles in various films during the year. All data were collected and verified from many sources including IMDB, IMDb, IMDb, IMDB, IMDB, IMDB, IMDB, IMDB. The list does not include any actors or actresses who are merely actors or actresses playing characters. All of the data is accurate at the time of writing but should not be considered a definitive list of all film stars. 29,844,000This page was last modified on:In August the U. Department of Agriculture released new data, stating that more and more Americans are opting to buy their food from the produce section instead of the produce aisle. So why dont we take a look at what the average American consumes on a regular basis and what type of produce you may be able to find in their house.

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