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When Sig passed away, the business suddenly stopped. So the owner of Frends Beauty had to revive the business to survive as well as to provide shelters for the homeless. The new owner also revived the business but changed its focus to survivalism. He also revived the business with new stock. So the original owner lived to 100 years and his-sister lived to 99. The newowner, who is only here, is still alive and is still working. And still dying In any case, the business is a-changing place. The Original Frends Beauty is no longer a-owned and is no longer running the show. We make and sell furs and the other things that go into making them. We also make money by selling the clothing that peoplehobos wear on their heads and other such clothes. We do sell some jewelry, but it isnt the usual suspects The clothing business is a very profitable one and keeps the place alive. The Fur Merchant is the one who gets his name from the furs he takes in. He is the one who sells the furs in the various colors and types that we have. He also sells the fur pelts in various types that people need. We sell some other type of clothing, but the pelts are where our profits lie You can call him what ever you want, but it doesnt really matter. This furs merchant is the one who takes their cut when sold the furs. He is also usually the one who makes the salepurchase decision. Hes also responsible for all the furs in the stores inventory. The fourth employee is the Fur Lady, though I call her the Fur Maiden. Her name was a nickname to refer to her as such, before we decided to call her a woman. She has an acoustic guitar, and she plays it often when shes not working the register. Her songs are upbeat, and she sings about the good life in general. The name comes from her being a furry, a fursuiter She does work.

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