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Brave, 2014, This year, it was a long-awaited follow-up to the original 2009 movie. Its not a traditional animated film like Beauty and the Beast, but a live-action film with animation and a little bit of music. Its certainly more like a traditional animated film with music, music and more music, with a storyline, music and more music. Unfortunately, its still a long-time coming, but I can tell you its going to be an emotional movie to watch and Im excited for it. 3: Up, 2012, If youve not yet watched Up, do it right now. Its the best animated film of 2012 and the best live-action film of 2012, you can watch it again and again and again and again and its also an awesome sci-fi comedy with a strong story. Its also a very strong, unique, unique movie. Also, it won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature, which would be an even more awesome accomplishment. If youre thinking like I could do better than up, then I recommend this movie to you. 2: The Book of Life, 2007, This movie is a little different from anything youve watched this week, but I think thats a great thing. Its an experiment because its going to feel different from anything youve experienced before. Thats what I love about it: it cant get much more different than it is. Its a story of a man whose wife, a bookbinder, dies and leaves him the family house which she was working on finishing up on her deathbed. Its a movie about family and memories and loss and the power of a book. 1: Frozen, 2012, Okay, so I havent seen this movie yet, but Im already wondering if its just better than I remember and then some. This movie has been a surprise, and I dont really understand why. I just assumed it would be just like the first one: the story of Olaf the snowman and the sisters who love him. This movie has some new elements to it and they are all amazing. I dont know exactly what to say about this movie that hasnt been said before, but I can say that Frozen is one of those movies that you dont want to put down after the film. The Canadian PressCALGARY One of Canadas largest banks is warning that its plans to move a portion of its business online could jeopardize the banks survival.

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