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T know if I can ever shop there again. I know I can never get enough of their new designs. The clerk just shakes her head when you compliment her. D think that after the recent fiasco at the department store they would have taken those designs off the market. I mean come on, we all saw how they turned out. S sake, I remember what that dress looked like. Yeah, but how many of their customers bought that dress when it was launched. I mean how many of those customers have actually gone on to purchase the newer designs. S been coming out with clothing on the new site anyway. M telling you to give Nordstrom a chance. S got some of my designs in them. Re in the mall again rather than in some filthy mall. T have many others like herself in a similar situation. You see her one more time before you leave. She is sitting at a table by herself and staring at her phone. On your way out, she approaches you and embraces you. You say, trying to lighten the mood a bit.

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