Free Drone Deliveries of COVID-19 Tests in El Paso & NY

Walmart is going from always low prices to almost no prices for at-home COVID-19 tests that they’ll drop off at your pad via drone … if you’re in a certain area, that is.

Here’s the deal … two Walmarts in El Paso, TX and Cheektowaga, NY are doing a pilot program in which there’s no pilot at all — sending free COVID test kits to folks that live within a mile radius of their stores, and doing so through a nifty drone delivery service.

It’s pretty simple — people can hop online and fill out a questionnaire to get the nasal swab test sent to their home, where they can administer it to themselves in private … and then send the whole thing back to a Quest Diagnostics lab, which is also on the house.

Walmart is saying this is all same-day from the time you request it online — they’re also saying asymptomatic people can get tested without issue … a huge relief for those who’ve wanted to get tested, but have been turned away on the ground.

Eventually, you’ll get your results back through an app. So, in other words, you’ll never have to leave your living room to see if you’re positive or negative. No lines, no waits … and no having anyone awkwardly watch you get a stick jammed up your nostrils.

As for why Walmart’s doing this in these specific locations — it could be any number of reasons … not the least of which might pertain to the infection rates. In El Paso, for instance, cases are at an all-time high … some are even calling it’s a new epicenter.

It’s so bad inmates are collecting bodies and placing them in mobile morgues — and there are at least 10 of those already up and running.

So, yeah … the more contactless solutions they can find, the better.

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