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So whoever you decide to choose, the following are some key factors to go by.

As for those who moved on to other cities, I have to give a slight edge to thosewho moved on to Californiawhen they were young. You think to yourself as you pull up to a small brick and concrete building. It smells like the inside, but the outside makes you wonder where the last family that resided at this building moved to. You park nearby and walk over, finding that the hotel is indeed fairly empty this Sunday morning. There are no celebrities parked in your direction. You are about to get out of the car and walk over to the hotel, when you hear an announcement over the loudspeaker: Our city is the scene of a violent crime. The police are currently seeking anyone with information concerning the incidents. You are a bit confused by this, but then as you turn your head you notice other LAPD cars driving past the hotel, and they all stop. The building you are at is not very large, and as the sun is rising, you realize there are many less light sources coming from the rest of the buildings around you. Your eyes start to adjust to the bright surroundings, and you see that the police are actually using flashlights to illuminate their path. It has stopped at your apartment building, at the very front. The police are here, you hear yourself say. They are taking their sweet time about showing up. As you turn your head, you remember that you forgot to grab your keys, and then the lock broke. You look around and see that you are no longer in your home, but rather you are in someone elses apartment. The lights are on, but the door of your apartment is ajar. It is a hot May day, so this is either an amazing stroke of luck, or a sign that you are no longer in Los Angeles. You are in a room that is a few floors up from the street level, in a building that is just the sort of brick and concrete monstrosity that doesnt really belong on a Sunday morning. It is in a state of disrepair, and it would seem this is your apartment: a broken window of the entryway to your.

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