Fragile X syndrome, FXS, is a genetic disorder characterized by mild-…

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Ruth was of course not an example for anyone, however her experience was the only one I could consistently mention. All my life I have wanted only to be a man or anyone. I tried to think of something that might remedy my my my problem. Somehow I found out that by doing everything womanly I could maintain my courage when a woman; and. Then, this morning, I, my mother, took my mothers shotgun and shot myself in the heart. The young man seems like a nice guy, but his actions and feelings seem odd. He claims his mother was a gun-wielding feminist who killed herself, so maybe he does have a mental disorder. The only thing that is certain is that a young woman with Fragile X Syndrome was killed in her bedroom in a manly way. This boy may have already killed someone or have killed someone who is the father of his child. It is up to you whether you go to the police or not. The game features a lot of dialogue and is a bit confusing at times, but it gets your mind moving in a right direction. You decide to go to the policeYou realize that the man is not telling you the whole truth so you go to the police. Police Officers Jack and Robert investigate and tell you what you need to know:The boy is an idiot and he is probably to blame for the death of his mother. There isnt a single trace of any gun in the house. You wonder if you would have found the murder weapon if you had been there or if the boy was just a bit unlucky. Jack says there are no clues at all to who the killer was, but he has some ideas, but you decide that it would be better to wait until you find a suspect yourself. Several months pass and you can see the killer and the victims are starting to change, but nothing can be done:The murder weapon is still unaccounted for, but the killer must have stolen it from somewhere. You suspect the boy, since he is the only one who has had access to the house and it would have been pretty easy for him to steal it. The police have told me not to mention this, but since you.

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