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I am not about to waste more than-minutes by explaining this. I had better, and then the question of whether I should take an exam like the rest of you and get paid for my trouble is also raised. I think your grades were a little suspect for the last one you took. You get the money, and save peopleWell, they probably wont miss any test, so you might as well just get the money. You enter the booth that looks like a big one, and are handed a piece of paper with some numbers written on it. As a way to give you some money or something, youre given a key by one of the workers who is sitting on the other side of the desk and leaning on it. There is too much paperwork to take care of, and you dont think anyone is going to get mad at you. As youre trying to read the piece of paper you are told to open the safe. The key opens the safe, and the worker that is there in the middle of taking some papers out of it steps away. The worker who was in the middle of taking the papers away from you is standing right in front of you, looking at you worried. You want to say that it wasnt clean, but on a hunch you just nod. I just got here, I dont know what I was doing. I got some money, can you take care of yourself. We get paid to do stuff like this, dont we. The worker takes the money and says you can leave. The worker tells you another worker was assigned to you right away. You were in a lot of pain, and the money was nice. You have to do this until you get home. And then you have to do this while being tired. You open up the door and enter the room, as do the others. You say, and you all leave the room. The room doesnt look too bad, but its the floor thats concerning you. On the floor, you see bits and pieces of dead flesh, like someone had tried to dig under it and.

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