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This is the only way in and out of Shows Beauty Salon. Wed have to charge you an exorbitant fee for no reason. Please, if Show had a beauty section in their main salon, youd be able to see them there. However you dont have that luxury at my place. We have a tiny window, and we still arent really large enough for a show just now. Youre so disappointed by that answer you walk away with your head down, thinking how its always been my dream to see them. You dont even care about your own beauty routine anymore. Youre in such a bad mood and youre not even going to leave happy. You didnt even get to go to the bathroom while you were here. Maybe youd go for a stroll near the window or something, but you know even if you did, they probably wont be open today, and if thats true, that will make you angryYou head down the stairs and through an alleyway. You walk through several small stores and come to the door of the Show Salon. The salon is tiny, barely big enough to fit a table and a chair. Theres a counter to the left and a window to the right, but theres no beauty tools or anything like that. They dont open until 5 PM. You look at all the bottles of products they stock and its hard not to find yourself comparing them to yours. You dont even know if you are going to get what you thought you were going to get from your local beauty parlor. You grab an empty chair and sit back down to think. You continueThat was a huge mistake, you think as you put on your make up and start to apply. What if they didnt have anything that works for oily hair or curly hair. What if they are just using a bunch of chemical shampoos. What if your hair only looks oily because it smells like something. What if you didnt know how to wash a natural hair well enough to get it clean enough. Even if you are lucky enough to get your hair clean and styled, how does it feel. The answer is going to be different then the last time you went to the salon. You feel like youre walking in a minefield. Every second is a new unknown and you are feeling very unsure about it all. You feel really, really bad about yourself and you.

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