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MoreThe idea behind this list is to help with creating a more dynamic environment on our teams. This list will be updated frequently to make sure all the changes are kept up to date, we appreciate any and all feedback on this list. Ronda Rousey might be a legend, and she certainly had a great run on the UFC womens bantamweight division, but there are so many more women in MMA. And now shes on a bigger stage, with the UFCs womens strawweight division, which means that the next Rousey might be the next lesser women. In this article we take a look at the other women in the UFCs strawweight division. This is a list of 10 women in the UFCs strawweight division. Were keeping a fairly tight focus on the division as it currently exists, as there are obviously other women out there who may or may not ever get on a fight card, let alone headline a card. The Polish WitchTheres been no shortage of crazy women in MMA. Youve got the head slapping ladies who like to do flip kick kung fu movies. Youve got the ones who are just really tough and aggressive. Youve even got the women that just wear revealing outfits and beat down their opponents. She comes off like someone you might work with, but she doesnt possess the technical skills you might expect from someone in that role. Karateka is currently ranked at number 13 in the strawweight division by the UFC and is undefeated. Shes made her way up the ranks mainly through winning the Strikeforce and Invicta FC bantamweight titles as well as four consecutive fights in the UFC. Two of the wins have been by finish, The only time she hasnt been fighting is due to injury. She was involved in a fight that started a riot at the UFC 115 event in Sydney, Australia. She has been called out by Ronda Rousey and Dana White. Shes been called out by Cris Cyborg, who has stated she wants to take a fight with her one day. Karolina has been able to carve her own niche on the division by being able to take down just about anyone. Shes a smart, aggressive fighter who isnt afraid to mix things up. With a win over Carla Esparza this March, shell join a short list of female fighters to hold multiple UFC titles, including Cris, Cyborg Ronda.

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