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You do go, living the glamorous lifestyle in New York, but at the same time its a bit lonely there. Still, you make the most of it and are grateful that you can afford to do so. Ve been in New York and it feels surreal being there for the first time. T afford it, so you end up staying in New York. Ve met more interesting people there. Re happily married to a beautiful and wealthy woman, but still you spend most of your time in New York, which is just as well, because you miss Florida. Occasionally you travel back to Florida to visit. S been twenty years since the original outbreak and the world has changed considerably. Things are quiet in New York, other than the occasional fight between mutants and humans that break out here and there, but you live a peaceful life here in New York. You miss Florida when you get the call that your wife Sarah has died of natural causes. S still young enough so he or she can grow up with her. Ll concentrate on your own projects and leave the rest to your people. Re going to be able to unleash them on the world soon enough. Your plan works out quite well as you get positive reports on your projects all over the world. Your mutant subjects never get sick or anything like that, in fact they often show signs of enhanced growth and healing. You also get the report that an army of mutants has been created or mutated or something. No one knows what exactly caused the outbreak, but mutants seem to be more common and more are being found in Europe. T think that it was serious enough to send you.

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