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This is soooo much fun, I wanna go back in time. What kind of a family would I be if I wasnt spending my time working on my craft. You say nothing, you just nod, and start your work. D go down on her son, and you answer with a yes. You only think about the good times, the fun times, the times when you were actually young and innocent, and all you want is to return to those times. You know the game is up when you actually start wanting to have fun. S not just you on this, you start to feel like the entire world is against you. You begin to feel very tired all the time, and before you know it, the whole week is gone. You go back to your old routine, you go home and you work and rest. You are only about a third of the way done your project when you realize what happened. Ve completely ignored your inner child. You had to stop working on your own project to get a little back to the source to see what was going on in your mind. You go to sleep and you forget what you were doing for the rest of the week. Re back there again, you begin to dream of your past, of a girl named Linda, of all places. You remember that she was a prostitute and was one of the only people you ever loved. S ring before she died and gave it back to you when she wanted to die. You remember that the ring was the only thing you cared about and when she gave this up, everything fell apart for you. You sleep for the rest of the week and finally leave your room. They live a normal life, play video games and go to school.

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