For one reason or another, these 14 celebrities dont eat wheat…

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First1: George Clooney2: Brad Pitt3: Leonardo DiCaprio4: Angelina Jolie5: Jennifer Aniston6: Angelina Jolie7: Scarlett Johansson8: Jennifer Lawrence9: Keira Knightley10: Gwyneth Paltrow11: George Clooney12: Brad Pitt13: Anne Hathaway14: Keira Knightley15: Jennifer Lopez16: Kate Moss17: Emma Thompson18: Jennifer Aniston19: Kate Bosworth20: Keira Knightley21: Kate Moss22: Emma Watson23: Meryl Streep24: Miley Cyrus25: Mandy Moore26: Charlize Theron27: Keira Knightley28: Nicole Kidman29: Miley Cyrus30: Victoria Beckham31: Jennifer AnistonIn order of date added, so thats 28. No, 29 is not a good example of proper nutrition. Also, not following a vegan diet would most likely not cause those issues. 33 Okay, that was a big one and Im glad to see you were able to get the connection between the wheat and your other problems. 34 But I did understand what you were getting at, but I just didnt see your point. 35 Well, Ive been on a gluten-free diet since I was 12. As we know at the time, eating gluten caused severe stomach pains. I was hospitalized and had to go through several surgeries in order to heal from that point. Some of my fellow siblings and I had to stay away from eating wheat for over a decade, even when we were at school, It was one of the things that got us kicked out of school and made us get into gangs But since I was so young when I first got sick, I dont really have any prior memories of the first time I had to stop eating wheat. The first time I had to stop eating wheat, it was not pleasant. The first time I had to stop eating wheat, it was a very long time ago and I wasnt in a condition to enjoy a loaf of bread or have fun.

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