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This moisturizer is glowy and glitters when its dry, which i think is a plus. No pinkie pixiewhite-coatedIm going to be honest and say that I have never been a huge mascara girl, though I have tried and found it is the most effective and easiest application I have ever found. However, the formula of Glossiers mascara is far superior to any of the others on the market and it comes in a much more convenient pump bottle. The formula is creamy, doesnt tug at the lashes when it dries and makes my lashes very long without any clumping or flakingcracking. It comes in the usual 6 shades with the 3 I have are in the purple shade which I found quite interesting – they have a matte finish, but there are faint metallic flecks to them which I found quite beautiful. This mascara lasts me all day and through the night and I havent had any issues with smudging, falling out or flaking. This product comes in a slightly unusual size for a mascara in that its a pump bottle with a dropper, but I have found it is a better design than the ones that have a spout on the side, as it allows for better control as to how much you pump compared with a spout. Although Im not a die hard mascara girl, this is easily one of my favourites that I have been able to find and its a product I cannot live without, but its just not something I would repurchase, even if I could find it again, As with all drugstore brands, this is a brand that you are going to be carrying home with you and is going to need to be removed and cleaned with a water basedalcohol based cleanser after about a week, depending on your routine, Initial reaction: I love this stuff. I used to use a mascara from Kiehls called Bad Girl, which I havent used in years because it made my eyelashes grow so much I couldnt draw on anymore, and after trying this mascara for the first time, I feel like its been a while since I had a new one. I feel like I can wear this mascara any time without thinking about it being washed out or flaking or going off.

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