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By the Time I Get To The Last Day I Will Have Contacted You. After making a few motions with his hands in the air with his voice, he then raises his arms in the air and begins to chant. As he finishes this, he smiles, holds his hands out and makes eye contact with you. Your eyes widen when he tells you that word. Its the spirit that lives in my water that lives in your bodies. He continues to tell you more about himself: that hes spent most of his life in his cave, looking after the spirits that live within the water and are able to do so because of it. He explains he used to be able to communicate with the spirits, but as he grew older, they all stopped communicating with him, and hes unable to communicate with them anymore. Kahekiwa also tells you that hes a simple spirit that likes nature more than anything, and he wants to share the waters of the spring with all the spirits that live within it, and hell tell them to move whatever it is they were currently following. He tells you that if youre ready to take him up on his offer, to do so. You cant let your guard downYou push him away, but he grabs your arm and pulls you towards him. You look down at him, and see that he is indeed, a spirit, and not a ghost. As you look at him, you remember that when you first heard him speak you hadnt even realised anything was wrong, only that it had been a haunting. He had looked so human, when you had turned your back to him. He then tells you that he needs your help, in order to communicate with the spirits who live in the springs around the island. He needs you to move the stream of water, so that he has something to communicate with. You stare at him, and he stares right back, with an expression that seems to.

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