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S The Great Spirit Of:n Unhappy Happiness, Is The Only Real Possibility. You have been blessed with beautiful skin, and your face has never been more so. You are well aware that the more you try to hide it, the more you try to hide it, the more you try to hide it, the more you hurt yourself. Your face has a lot of time on it now, and youre trying really, really hard to pretend youre not happy. Youre not happy about your situation, but you are happy with your skin, and youre trying to find a way to make it more beautiful even though you havent been able to do it for years now. You were living in the sewers of Rask, and you were just trying to survive, and you never thought anyone would ever get to know you. At first you were terrified, but the more you lived with other slaves, the more you learned that when people are free, they can do whatever they want. You never thought anyone was looking for you, now that it seems the Empire is as well. You were living at The Raggedy Man, and it was a place where you were loved and respected, yet you still felt like an outsider. You were working on the Raggedy Man, and you were so close to death many times, yet you still felt like you could do more. You were in the Raggedy Man, and it was just a place where you could survive. You never thought anyone was looking for you, or if they were, the Empire wasnt worth the effort. Your life was in the sewers, a life of struggle and pain. But it was all worth it as soon as you met Zoma. He saw your potential and he made you feel like YOU could accomplish anything you set your mind to. He made the past seem like a distant memory, and the future seemed like a bright possibility. It was a good life, and you never wanted it to end. Now you have reached the end of your life, and you can finally have it. Your last moments were spent with Zoma, and for the first time in your life, you experienced happiness. You dont know why or how, but it happened. You had moments of hate, anger, confusion, loneliness, depression, guilt, regret, and so much more.

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