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You sent an application with your resume to the Company and the Companys call center representative who I assume is named Susan, asked for her personal number because you were going to call her in regards to the job as well. You thought you were talking to the voicemail so you just hung up right away. But then she called back before you got to the end of your call. Then she told you to hang up as well as you ended the call as soon as she handed off your call to a male coworker who has since been fired and you ended up calling back later on and they werent even there at the time when you called. The workers there are rude, unprofessional, unengaged with their job, and generally just unpleasant. They only interact with you in an effort to get you to buy flowers for them. If you do not like the flowers, they simply tell you you do not have to buy them. The prices are often way too high for the quality, and you have to ask for a discount for them not to give something for free. If the place gets more people in, it gets even more bad experience. If they get a lot of customers, they can be a little nicer and the prices go down. No matter what the situation, you will probably never be satisfied there. So no, you will not be returning to Florida Beauty. If the only reason why you didnt like the place, its because you have other jobs that are better than waiting tables so you wont be returning to Florida Beauty. You also think the prices on the flowers are outrageous. The female ones tend to be young kids and the male ones usually arent much better. The manager of the place is a woman named Susan and she has been known to throw you out. She does this especially when your shift is over and the place gets busy. You also think the female co-workers tend to treat you worse than female customers. The manager has gotten drunk and screamed at you many times, even called you names and swore at you. She has gotten you fired and you think that you might have been fired for talking back at her.

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