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They also appear as the guests of Kings coronation. In fact, Flora and Fauna are both inviteds to the coronation. They are not shown in the movie, but they are present ins royals throne room.

Flora is heatedly welcoming to Stefan when he shows Flora his baby. You exclaim, as much out of pure relief as fear. You turn your head, and see a small, naked, barely more than the age of a child, child, child, with dirty blond hair and bright blue eyes, stands over the sleeping form of the beautiful, sleeping beauty, sleeping beauty. And after all her beauty and all her care, Flora returns to the Sleeping Beauty. At your confused expression, she shrugs, and says nothing. With your own hands, you pull her out from the fairy. No, you came to play with your baby. Were not friends now, you say. You shake your head, trying to stop from rolling around in your little green bedsheets. Im sorry I had to take you away from her, she says, still staring at you.

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