Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather, known collectively as the Three …

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Its a fine night and its a fine thing to bring a young princess here on a fine night. And there and on they go until the sun is out. And they never stop and then it is time to leave. And they stand by the door and they look and they hear and they talk and they sing a song together and they go with the sun on in the bright blue. The Wonderful Wizard of OzFairy Lights: The Magic of the Fairies. You dont see fairies, do you. You think theyre mere myth, mere magic stories dreamed up by good mother stories or fairy-tales passed down from one generation to another. The fairies have visited us in our own little fairy villages in the hills, in the forests and even in the deserts, but it is our business to guide these beings toward the good things that will make their lives more pleasant, and thats why we have fairy lights. These beautiful, magical fairy lights are meant for use by all children. Fairy lights are the things that keep fairies from becoming angry and keep monsters from invading, and they are a valuable source of entertainment and happiness for all.

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