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The best of all, is The pale-blue paste makes my skin feel clean and soothing. I find that it doesnt really make me feel sick, but maybe a slight euphoric effect. It doesnt make me feel nauseous or vomit, but it sure makes me feel better. It was a little funny at first to be doing something like this on purpose like that, but as I continued to do it it felt good. Ill take this with me often when I go to sleep. In fact it was a great help in my attempt to sleep. Sounds like Im having a good conversation with someone. I especially like the sounds of rain and thunder, which are my favorite sounds when Im on the water. It makes me feel so comfortable and at home. I really like this one, my brother and I made it last night and slept right through it. I feel like Im in a nice hotel sitting in a chair enjoying a glass of wine and staring out the window. Then a bolt of lightning hits and the whole sky goes dark. I really like this one, especially paired with the Babylon setting on the Earth setting. This one really helps me to concentrate, especially with all my other relaxing noise. This one is really relaxing and the sound of a train running is nice to listen the afternoons. Sounds like Im relaxing by my pool. Sounds like Im sitting on my balcony with a glass of wine. Sounds like Im enjoying a night at home in my comfy chair. Sounds like Im listening to a nice jazz number on the radio, relaxing in my comfortable chair.

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