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Ll have to make your way through traffic out the front door. Ve been living the dream, so now YOU have to make your way through the streets of your hometown. Your source for The Elder Scrolls since 1995This page or section is incomplete. Needs more information about the various stagesfor an in-depth treatment of some of the topics on this pagefor a more general overview of the subject, including maps and the list of appearancesfor a further breakdown of the topics on this page into individual partsfor more general information, including links to other pages. Add one relevant image to this article, and the article will be expanded and made more detailed. The Black Emporium, or simply the Black Emporium, is a guild and a small business in Skingrad. It is a small but highly respected business, and has a good reputation amongst the citizens of Skingrad, and the other two guilds of Skingrad, the Mages Guild and the Fighters Guild. Sitting in the lower floor of a building in downtown Skingrad, the Black Emporium is known for its cheap and cheap food and drinks, most of which consists of the food it sells, watered down with alcohol and various spices and other ingredients. The Black Emporium generally employs a few scoundrels. Its owners, however, provide some decent pay, though even that is low due to the black market nature of the place. Their low pay also means that some people have to work at the Black Emporium in some sort of free time. The majority of them are there only to make up the numbers; the Black Emporium doesnt need a few scoundrels there. Most of them are there only so that they can buy the cheap drinks and food, which they then drink off the tables, and which then leads to them getting sick. One of them, a woman named Mavrus, usually acts as a barkeeper, but is occasionally a manager or even a boss. 1 As a manager of The Black Emporium, she is on the lowest rung of the economic ladder in Skingrad.

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