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Lets all make it the year it comes out for us as well. They have vowed to continue their protest, and in the tradition of the women of the 1848 movement, they are refusing to leave until their demands are met. The National Guard has been called in to maintain order. Last night, the women began their sit-in by sleeping in tents. On Monday morning, as the National Guard continued its crackdown, the women of the 1848 encampment decided to get out of their tents and on the road to join the hundreds of others still camping out on the sidewalks of Washington. The women leaders at the head of the protest sit on metal steps with a banner that reads: I am a woman. I am a human being whose right to be free from oppression and sexual violence is being denied. The women in the crowd are dressed in the latest in underground clothing, and most are black. But women from all walks of life have joined these women. There are a couple of elderly folks also at the head of the protest. The sit-in is peaceful and peaceful, with no violence or aggression. What you dont see is the women making a noise so loud that the protesters cant stand it, because they are shouting to be heard over the roar of the National Guard. The women, led by Barbara Smith, no relation to the famous civil rights leader the president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored Women, have been staying in their tent since Sunday night. Barbara Smith told me that while the women dont know whether the National Guard has a plan to evict the women, they dont feel safe leaving the tents. We must stay here, Smith says. The National Park Service says that some people have been camping or walking on the sidewalks of the National Mall since Monday morning. The Park Service says that the situation has been volatile since early Monday morning. We have been told by a DC police officer that approximately 20 people have been arrested at the National Mall as of 2:00 pm ET. We are trying to maintain public safety by making sure that we have everyone in position that we have been telling people.

Article about Celebrities coming out