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The following are quotations from the book The Road Not Taken. The following is what William Faulkner had to say:I was born a Southerner, and as I grew older I became more and more a Southerner. I had my doubts from the time of my boyhood until I was about thirty. For years I kept saying, I am not a Southerner any longer, I have ceased to be a Southerner, I am more a Yankee. Then a funny thing happened, when I was about forty I began to think more and more about the South again, and to feel more and more that I was no longer a Southerner. I began to feel that a Yankee was a better type of man to lead the Southerners back to civilization. But I saw that the North was not coming, I saw that things must be so in the South if the South was to be saved. You may imagine I was at the age of forty-five when I decided that the South had fought its battle, and that I no longer had any allegiance to it and had better leave the South. Here is my conclusion: It was a great mistake to fight the Northern war, and a more great one to fight the Southern war. But the war with Mexico had been a great mistake. Our first impression of Mexico was that we had been beaten; we had been defeated by a superior enemy, and we had been driven out of our own territory. But this was not so, for it was a victory through cowardice on our part, and through the negligence of the commanding general. While in Mexico we had been careless; in returning to the United States, we should have been more careful. If we had been more careful, the war would have been won with greater ease. So here, my friends, I have finished what I began at Fort Sumter The next quote is a bit more negative:, If I could change anything in the South, I should change its character, which is not a bad one. I am not a political man or a moral man, and I can hardly hope to be. I cannot see that the North is wrong in having a separate government and having its own institutions, but when I look at the South, I see only three things: a desert, a wasteland, and a waste. I cannot see that it has any qualities that would make it worth while fighting for. Its character was bad in the war with Mexico, but it got worse in the war with Britain. Then a good many of the men who had fought against Mexico were against us, and when we attacked them they did not fight. In the war with the Republic we saw many old Southerners fight on the side of the republic, but we saw no more old Southerners fight for the South after our victory than we would have seen if the war had never been fought.

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