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You already had this stuff figured out a long time ago. Just sit the fuck down and get a grip on yourself. You open up Twitter and start to look for some trending news. You see a couple videos of the plane hitting the Pentagon. Re about to click that follow button, you suddenly remember something else. You need to do something other than follow something. Function that gave you results much more relevant than Twitter provides you with. And find some other videos of the plane hitting the Pentagon. You start filtering out the news articles and social media feeds. Re too tired to deal with all these stupid restrictions right now. You start to search out trending news stories and other interesting things that happened for the past few hours. You find a few interesting Tweets from the Pentagon on your way. You look for photos and videos of the crash site on YouTube. You go to Pinterest and look through the photos for interesting subjects. Finally you come to the crash site itself. T even need to follow anyone to know where to look.

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