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You think about how the beauty products are manufactured, and also about the factories youve visited in your trip so far. Youve heard of them by now, youre just surprised to discover you can actually see them now, for the first time. You see a factory youve never seen before: its in a small industrial area in the north of town. Inside, you can only guess the place looks like an old-fashioned washing machine factory. Suddenly, you see a long red truck driving past the factory. You recognize the make as a small, American one. You see yourself saying then, but its too late. The truck has already passed you and stopped in front of you. A man steps out and gets out too. Hes dressed in a suit and wearing a big, stupid grin on his face. Were going to a new beauty product manufacturing plant. You say as you try to make yourself smaller. The man looks a bit surprised and turns his back to you. He pulls on a handkerchief and begins to dab his eyes. You stopYou stop running, because you see that the man is getting angry. He stands up just at the side of the factory and begins to shout. At first, the crowd looks confused, but they begin to cheer when he shouts Go. Theres a path leading around the wall, but no way out. Youre led away from the assembly line by a giant man with a red beard. You take a quick look behind you and notice youre in a big industrial area with lots of huge machines turning. You look around some more and start to feel really dizzy. The giant man says to you as he leads you towards an old man in a cowboy hat looking like a real workaholic. You dream about your momYou continue to walk towards your dream girl. The dream is over, but you cant leave the dream yet. You stare up at the ceiling of your tiny.

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