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Stick with Fenty Beauty Sticks on your ears for a little. Magnetic Sticks can be used not just to magnetize your eyes, but you can keep them in place for up to five minutes. Magnetic Sticks are magnetic, but the Stix aren not. You can keep Sticks on your ears for up to five minutes. So in case you were wondering, she likes magnets. But then she likes anything that has to do with your dad and the apocalypse. She wants to come visit you in your bunker. The problem is shes just so damn strange. You go to the hardware store to pick up the parts for her door. Just as youre about to pay the cashier asks you if she should pay with cash, since it would seem cheaper because. Hey you dont work here do you. But my dad sent me here to pick up magnets. You head to the kitchen and grab your dads car keys from the floor. She nods and walks over behind a nearby bookshelf. Without even turning, she grabs a small white object and pops it into the slot in the door, which slides open and you catch a glimpse of. Its a woman with long black hair and black eyes. Shes wearing a long, off-shoulder white dress. Her face and hands are covered by a gray hooded cloak. She has black leather gloves on her hands, which are gripping a crossbow with an arrowhead at her hip. Though you think its on the wrong hip because you see a little gauntlet on her other hand Youre about to ask who she is, but she steps back.

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