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You look at the calendar and decide to go with a holiday that will certainly have a good turnout. Re likely to end up hungry again later. You wonder if you should just start driving around in circles to find your way around. You could always just use your head and figure anything out on your own. You also do a quick inventory of your surroundings to see if you recognize anything. Re going to need to look too hard. Ve already made up your mind. They immediately rush off to make the arrangements. You park your car in a convenient spot and wander around the campus. Ll be glad when you get to bed and it will just be you and the kids when you drift off to sleep. You look around and see no one around. T been able to find a way inside to leave, or rather a way not to stay there. You wonder if maybe you could somehow just change the time on the TV to your room, perhaps it would work. You could then get some food and use the restroom. Of course, that would all depend on the location of the TV. You waitYou take a quick glance around the room before grabbing the remote and turning the TV on. The image of a familiar screen fills your mind. You groan and sit up to watch the TV screen.

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