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You travel with herYou and Miriam travel together across the globe. Miriam keeps asking you questions, but you brush them all off with an answer about what you see. Miriam soon becomes your new best friend. You travel into the next chapter of your life together and the next chapter after that. Youre on your way to see Miriam off at an inn, which you later discover is a hotel called El Mercado. The following morning, you arrive at the hotel and find a note from Miriam. She says shell meet you at the El Mercados at noon. You quickly grab the hotel keys and get ready for the trip. You head downstairs where you find a crowd of drunk people eating, drinking, dancing, and generally being idiots. You decide to go find a room where there seems to be a decent selection of liquor. Some places have a jukebox, some have books, some have televisions, some have televisions, some have books, some have televisions, a lot have televisions, some have books, and some have televisions. You decide that it will be best to choose a room that has all the necessities. You go to room 1You head to room 1 and find that the rooms range in price. You decide to gamble on the price of the rooms and hope that you can get a room with a television. Its the cheapest available room so you head to the elevator to get to your room. Arriving in your room, you notice that there are no televisions in the rooms. You realize that youve been conned and find your television a complete waste of money. You decide that this will be one of the more interesting episodes in your life. The next day, you notice that there are televisions all over the hotel, not just in room 1. The media conglomerate Mercury has taken over the Mercado Hotel and has made the television mandatory for all hotel guests. The Mercado Hotel has been converted into a giant propaganda machine to indoctrinate the masses into living under the Mercado Corporation. Miriam, whose father and brother both work for Mercury, will be forced to work in that propaganda campaign in an effort to convince the others that they should be like Mercury. Eventually, all of the Mercados will be forced to join the Mercado Corporation if they want a chance at survival.

Article about The atlas of beauty