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You can almost hear the laughter and cheer echoing through the house. All of this is proof positive that youve found your new family. You just want to know if the price is right, if this is really for you and you actually have enough money to make the move. Were both adults here, we can talk about stuff like this. Im sure that would violate my moral code, but. You feel your voice start to crack, like its about to give from the stress of keeping your word. There are a million things I really want to do with my life, like work on my poetry or. You feel your words start to falter. You cryIm sorry, its not you, its me. Its my responsibility to think about your career first. You feel your voice falter as you finish. You hang up, feeling relieved, and then think, So that was really easy. After taking a deep breath, you lean back in your old leather chair. Im not sure why youd come looking for me, you begin in a low voice. I mean, theyre looking because their names are called out, not because they heard your name, and theyve come to see if youre an empty suit. And I suppose by that logic, I should be called in for questioning, you say, trying to keep your tone neutral. Is being called in for questioning one of the reasons you said you werent comfortable talking to me. Theyre getting way too personal, you know that, he says dismissively.

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