Female celebrities, especially, are under continual pressure to look impeccable…

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The only guideline i had to help me look the-best was to have a plumping pussy and a plumping breast. Ive gone through all that and they say Ive never had a problem. Now I dont know why I even bother to do it. I never bother to do it because I can find a woman that would do it for me with half the effort and with less than half the hassle. I dont even need to bother with the plumping anymore. Its not that I dont like the idea of my breasts, but really I love them more than most women do, and Im not referring to the obviousI mean the truth is, there was a time when I was a bit concerned about them. I mean you see, my boyfriend and I were going to get married one day. Was the day of our separation, because as all girls my age know, if youre going to be living together for a while, its best if youre married. It wasnt until that day that I realized that I didnt mind the shape of my boobs, I just didnt want them to be flat, I was having some back pain that day and it really didnt help with my back pain if my tits were hanging out at an angleAnyway, this is why Im writing this now, and its mostly to be supportive of other women who have similar concerns. Heres the deal:Theres nothing wrong with your boobs. It doesnt define you, and you dont need to be ashamed of them. You may have heard that there is a plumping trend going on right now. Ive even seen a few ads on TV with celebrities claiming that theyre going to plump yours up. Some people are plumping up their lips, or their cheeks, or their legs, or their armpits, etc but whats happening is they are just making the breast area smaller in order to make their breasts look larger. And trust me, you really dont have to go into the extreme of getting that area plump. Im not saying that you dont look fabulous with a just right amount of size here, there or elsewhere in-between. Im just saying that Ive never seen.

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