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I dont know what you mean by gorgeousness, but you willYou sigh, closing the door and standing before the monitor. The screen displays a normal-looking human being, only slightly younger than you, but you know that youre looking at the same man. Hes sitting in a chair in the middle of his living room, surrounded by empty beer bottles. Hes got a laptop hanging from his lap, and his mouth is agape in a wide grin. You pause for a moment, trying to wrap your mind around the situation as best you can. You try to escapeYou grab the laptop out of the chair, looking to the left and right and to center of the screen. Tab, and you see a familiar address displayed at the bottom of the screen. Re saying weight gain is a sign of health. We all gain some, we all lose some, but we tend to lose fat at a slower rate, and thus tend to grow in other areas.

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